Asset Monitoring

Asset Monitoring is an integral part of Asset Management and Portfolio Performance Tracking. A system of hardware and software captures and processes the data, thereby allowing the business to verify the asset location, status, and performance. Monitoring Platform allows you to verify the Asset Status & Performance through Real-Time Dashboards, Trend Analysis and obtains various Reports and Graphs.

This helps in identifying performance deterioration and underperforming components so that effective measures can be taken to Improve the Efficiency of the Asset

Workflow Management

Workflow Management System (WFM) helps to monitor the overall ticketing procedure. Its function is to manage the maintenance program for assets by assisting maintenance managers in scheduling maintenance and PM tasks, and monitoring work order progress in real-time.

WFM tracks – assets, maintenance, warehouse inventory, customer service requests, and operational performance – all in one place. It incorporates a central storage location and user-friendly dashboard tools for managing asset-related data and information. It also generates valuable reports that make it easy to track work progress, asset condition, parts usage, material management and maintenance activity throughout the asset lifecycle.


Forecasting & Prediction

Forecasting Analytical Model uses advanced deep learning techniques such as recurrent neural networks that give highly accurate values, considering different weight to influencing attributes. By learning from the past data of failures and proactively predicting the potential failures in the future, it helps to undertake possible preventive measures to reduce downtime, if not the total avoidance of the outage. It also helps in critical spare parts management.

Module-cleaning-cycle scheduling-tool based on performance evaluation & cost-benefit analysis

This tool enables you to move from a mere repetitive exercise to a well-informed, performance, and cost-beneficial analysed model. Various factors like temperature degradation, module degradation, manpower availability, climate conditions, equipment availability, cost of cleaning, and cost of energy lost are considered in arriving at the informed module cleaning cycle.

The tool incorporates features like module cleaning updates, performance evaluation on a daily basis, and so on.

SCADA supply & installation

We Supply RMU panels for the SCADA installation for local monitoring. It includes retrofit activities at the site for the SCADA Panels and Supply of the panel hardware.

We supply a full-fledge weather monitoring station for the renewable projects and data logger for Cloud-based renewable application. The Data Logger can be connected to the Internet either via LAN cable, WiFi or 3G/4G USB Dongle. This product can easily integrate with our Cloud-based monitoring platform to fetch the data.